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The Serious Social Impact of Non-violent Extremism in Indonesia

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A'an Suryana, Nur Syafiqah Mohd Taufek
Paperback, 65 pages


The rise of religious extremism in public discourses is a cause for concern for government officials and moderate Muslims. 


While a substantial body of research on violent extremism is available, the issue of non-violent extremism remains neglected by scholars. 


Although exposure and subscription to non-violent extremism do not automatically lead to violence, it still needs to be curbed because it can fan hatred that in turn can lead to physical violence and repression of human rights. Non-violent extremism also boosts polarization in the community. 


Given this potential impact, the government needs to pay more attention to the dissemination of non-violent extremist public discourses, especially on social media. It could work together with influential religious organizations which possess immense religious authority and legitimacy.