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The Spiritual Strength In Our Scars PB

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Liyana Musfirah


Are we considered strong if we do not fall when life pushes us to the ground?


Does our faith and belief tell us that we cannot let misery affect us because as the saying goes, “we must bear patience”?


In this book, author Liyana Musfirah takes readers on a reflective journey of discovering the strength that emerges from each of our painful and scarring episodes.


This is the book that celebrates what God has given women - the resilience to withstand emotional, spiritual, or even physical hardships.




1: To The Single Sister who is Resilient in her Pursuit of Love and Marriage


2: To The Sister who is Gathering Courage to Fix Her Broken Relationship


3: To The Sister who is Trying to be Strong When She Blames Herself for Being A Bad Mother


4: To The Sister who is Praying for Resilience When Going Through Divorce


5: To The Sister who is Hoping For Strength in Mending Her Relationship with Her Parents


6: To The Sister who is Searching for Resilience in Facing Life’s Uncertainties


7: To The Sister who is Gathering the Courage to Leave Her Dark Past and Be a Better Muslim


8: To The Sister who is Seeking Resilience Because She is Struggling to Love Herself


Conclusion: The Strength in our Scars


Spiritual Resilience from a Psychological Perspective by Maimunah Mosli, Principal Family Therapist


Du’a List for Sisters:

Seeking Peace in Life

Having Trouble Sleeping

Being Treated Unfairly

Troubled Financially

Dealing With Sickness or Illness

Looking for a Spouse

Hoping for a Baby

Just Heard Bad News

Recently Lost Someone

Seeking Repentance from God

Confused on What to Do with Life

Seeking Protection from the Evil Eye

Taking Care of her Elder Parents

Working Multiple Jobs to Support Her Family

Sitting for Examinations

Lost Her Job because of COVID19

Getting Married

Single Mother to Her Children

Battling with Addiction or Bad Habits

Always Misses Her Prayers