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The Straight Path Simplified: An Annotated Translation of Qasd al-Sabil

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Mawlana Muhammad Ashraf Ali Al-Thanwi
Hardback, 174 pages


Whether referred to as tazkiyyah, tasawwuf, or suluk, most believers have an inherent desire to tread the path of seeking Allah's pleasure. Though many eagerly embark upon this path, some make serious blunders along the way causing them to stray due to a lack of essential knowledge.

Others, though they continue to strive, may miss the goal leaving them disillusioned and frustrated. Some may even reach the objective, but not having the requisite understanding to realize it, they are left despondent and overcome with spiritual fatigue.

To save people from these pitfalls, there was an immense need to clarify the true meaning and actual objective of the spiritual path. Thus, the erudite scholar and great reviver of the spiritual path, Hakim al-Ummah, Mawllana Muhammad Ashraf 'All Thanwi a authored a simple treatise that highlights the essential principles of treading the path to Allah to serve as a guide for those who sincerely seek Him.

The Straight Path: Simplified presents an annotated translation of this invaluable guide, bringing Hakim al-Ummah's essential work into the modern reader's sphere with explanatory notes that serve as a bridge to his teachings. These notes aid the reader by offering contextual insights, clarifying intricate concepts, and addressing pertinent contemporary concerns.

First Hidayah: Stages of Suluj
Second Hidayah: Sincerely Making Tawbah
Third Hidayah: The Signs of a Qualified Shaykh
Fourth Hidayah: The Objective of a Seeker
Fifth Hidayah: Shariah and Tariqah
Sixth Hidayah: The Regimen
Seventh Hidayah: Peace of Mind
Eighth Hidayah: Volitional Versus Non-Volitional Matters
Ninth Hidayah: Matters of Caution
Tenth Hidayah: Sincere Advice for Men, Women and the People of Dhikr
The Noble Muhammadan Litany