Shimmering Light

The Body of the Prophet's Nation

Habib Muhammad bin Abdul Rahman al-Saqqaf, Mohammed Ahmed Mbaye (tr.)




"The example of believers in their reciprocal love and mercy for each other is like a human body; when one of its organs ails, the rest of the body remains awake and suffers from fever."


This work is an exposition of the Noble Hadith mentioned above. Habib Muhammad al-Saqqaf frames a way of thinking about the Umma, as set out in the Hadith, and links the 'parts' of the metaphorical body, such as the head, heart and hormones, to the functions of sections of the umma, thus drawing out a wholistic view of the Umma of the Prophet s.a.w.





A Call

Concise Speech

The Body of the Prophet's Nation s.a.w.

The Spirit

The Heart

The Mind and The Brain

The Hormones

The Circulatory System

The Summary

The Aim


The Fever

The True Promise