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The Concept of Education in Islam

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Syed Muhammad Naquib al-Attas




A Framework for an Islamic Philosophy of Education


This book, for the first time in contemporary Islamic thought and in a clear and coherent manner, elaborates new and original ideas and definitions.


Key concepts such as religion (din), Man (insan), knowledge (ma'rifah and `ilm), wisdom (hikmah), justice (`adl), right action (`amal and adab) are discussed, elaborated and formulated into a framework for an Islamic philosophy of education. Also discussed are the methodology of scientific research and the study of nature along the lines of Quranic interpretation (tafsir and ta'wil), the Islamization of language and its relation to the Muslim mind and worldview, and the differences among the terms tarbiyyah, ta'dib and ta'lim.


This is a book of definitions relating to the elements of education in Islam. It is essential reading for Muslim educators and all those interested in Islamic philosophy and the Islamization of knowledge.