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The Creed Made Easy

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Shaykh Mahmoud Abu l-Huda al-Husainy

Ali Keeler, translator




Al-'Aqida al-Muyassira


A Bilingual Introduction to Islamic Theology


This work is a concise and accessible bilingual treatise in Islamic theology, introducing the reader to all fundamental aspects of the Islamic creed that are necessary for a Muslim to know and believe. Set in Arabic and English side by side, it facilitates the path for the student to seek knowledge in what is the most important science of Islam.


Written in a clear and precise fashion without compromising on its pleasant style, the author takes the reader on an enlightening journey towards a rational and resolute affirmation of faith and the vanishing of doubts.


Shaykh Mahmoud Abu l-Huda al-Husainy is a renowned Shafiʿi scholar from the city of Menbij in Aleppo province, Syria, and the former Imam and Khatib of the ʿAdiliyya mosque and the Umayyad mosque of Aleppo.



• Individual and Communal Obligations

• Legal Rulings

• Rational Judgements

• The Extrinsically Rationally Necessary and Impossible

• Knowledge and Faith

• The Accountable Person [mukallaf] and the ruling regarding the Blind Follower [muqallid]

• Beliefs regarding the Divine

• Existence

• The Negating Attributes

• Pre-eternality

• Eternality

• Dissimilarity from Contingent Things

• Self-sufficiency

• Oneness

• Ascribing Partners to Allah [shirk] and Disbelief [kafir]

• Customary Causes

• The meaning of “There is no god but Allah.”