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Eid Mubarak!
Eid Mubarak!

The Ethical Philosophy of Al-Ghazzali

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Mohammad Umaruddin

Paperback, 370 pages



The presentation of the material in this book is based on al-Ghazzali’s original works in Arabic, particularly the Ihya’ and Mizan al-‘Amal. In addition, important works by ancient and modern writers on the subject have been consulted. 




Part 1: Background of Al-Ghazzali’s Ethical Thought

1. Al-Ghazzali’s Times: Political and Religious Conditions

2. Theological and Philosophical Movements

3. Islamic Ethics Before Al-Ghazzali

4. Al-Ghazzali Inner Development


Part 2: Al-Ghazzali’s Theory of Ethics: Its Basis

5. The Psychological Nature of Man

6. Knowledge and Morality

7. The Freedom of the Will


Part 3: Al-Ghazzali’s Theory of Ethics: Its Principles

8. The End

9. Knowledge of God

10. Intuitive Knowledge of God

11. Love of God

12. The Vision of God


Part 4: Al-Ghazzali’s Theory of Ethics: Its Practical Aspects

13. Virtues and Vices: Preliminary Discussions

14. Vices

15. Virtues

16. Social Virtues

17. Religious Duties and Their Ethical Significance



The Knowledge of God: Intuitive Knowledge