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The Humanity of Muhammad: A Christian View

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Craig Considine




What makes an American Catholic of Irish and Italian descent one of the leading global voices in admiration of Prophet Muhammad? In this overview of Muhammad's life and legacy, prominent scholar Craig Considine provides a sociological analysis of Muhammad's teachings and example. Considine shows how the Prophet embraced religious pluralism, envisioned a civic nation, stood for anti-racism, advocated for seeking knowledge, initiated women's rights, and followed the Golden Rule. Considine sheds light on the side of Prophet Muhammad that is often forgotten in mainstream depictions and media narratives.




1: Religious Pluralism

2: Civic Nation State Building

3: Anti-Racism

4: Seeking Knowledge

5: Women’s Rights

6: The Golden Rule

Conclusion: The Spirit of Truth


Appendix 1 - The Constitution of Medina

Appendix 2 - The Farewell Sermon

Appendix 3 - The Covenant with the Monks of Mount Sinai

Appendix 4 - The Treaty of Peace and Friendship

Appendix 5 - Human Fraternity for World Peace and Living Together