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The Mysteries of the Pilgrimage for Young People

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Hardback, 272 pages



Includes Teachers Manual & Companion Storybook


The 7th volume in the Ghazali Children’s Series. 


This magnificently illustrated full colour book includes not only a complete curriculum as part of its Parent/Teacher Manual, but also a delightful companion storybook, “Secrets of the Hajj”, for the very young. While conveying the deeper significance and spirit of the Hajj rites, this work highlights teachings which not only strengthen character but provide the entire family with a firm foundation for spiritual growth.



1: Last Meetings

2: Insights from Imam al-Ghazali

3: The Black Stone and Our Agreement with God

4: The Voice Between the Ka‘ba and the Kiswah

5: Those Who Ask to Be Returned to This World

6: Some Rules of Conduct

7: Practicing Dying

8: The Final Teachings at the Last Gathering

9: The Departure at Last!

10: Entering the State of Ihram Upon Reaching the Station of Miqat

11: Arriving in the Holy Land

12: The Meaning of the Vehicle That Would Carry Them to Mecca

13: The Entrance into Mecca and the First Sight of the Ka‘ba

14: Entering the Sacred Sanctuary

15: The Black Stone and the Kiswah

16n: The Tawaf and the Ka‘ba – Walking Around the Ka‘ba Seven Times

17: Reaching the Door of the Ka‘ba

18: The Place of Ibrahim

19: Running the Course (Sa‘i) Between Mounts Safa and Marwa

20: Setting Out for the Camp at Mina

21: The Tent City at Night

22: The Day of Arafat

23: Muzdalifa

24: The Return to the Ka‘ba

25: Visiting Medina, the City of Light

26: Visiting the Prophet ﷺ

27: Other Important Visits

28: The Return: The Duties of the Heart