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The Principles of Epistemology in Islamic Philosophy

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Mehdi Ha'iri Yazdi

Paperback, 246 pages



This book aims to present to western philosophers the most important theme in Islamic epistemology: knowledge by presence, the knowledge that results from immediate and intuitive awarenes, advocated by the author as a viable modern philosophical position. Treating the subject in a thoroughly philosophical manner that is comprehensible to contemporary analytical philosophers, he remains faithful to the Islamic tradition.




1. Knowledge by Presence: A History


2. Immanent Object and Transitive Object


3. Knowledge by Presence and Knowledge by Correspondence


4. An Empirical Dimension of Knowledge by Presence


4. The Prime Mode of Knowledge by Presence


6. An Appendix to the Theory of Knowledge by Presence


7. An Expanded Theory of Knowledge by Presence: Mysticism in General


8. Mysticism in the System of Emanation


9. Mystical Unity


10. The Language of Mysticism and Metamysticism