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The Quran in the Malay-Indonesian World

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Majid Daneshgar, Peter G. Riddell, Andrew Rippin (eds.)




Context and Interpretation


The largely Arabo-centric approach to the academic study of tafsir has resulted in a lack of literature exploring the diversity of Qur'anic interpretation in other areas of the Muslim-majority world.


The essays in The Qur'an in the Malay-Indonesian World resolve this, aiming to expand our knowledge of tafsir and its history in the Malay-Indonesian world. Highlighting the scope of Qur'anic interpretation in the Malay world in its various vernaculars, it also contextualizes this work to reveal its place as part of the wider Islamic world, especially through its connections to the Arab world, and demonstrates the strength of these connections. The volume is divided into three parts written primarily by scholars from Malaysia and Indonesia. Beginning with a historical overview, it then moves into chapters with a more specifically regional focus to conclude with a thematic approach by looking at topics of some controversy in the broader world.




The Study of Qurʾān Interpretation in the Malay-Indonesian World: A Select Bibliography MAJID DANESHGAR



1 Classical Tafsīr in the Malay World: Emerging Trends in 17th Century Malay Exegetical Writing PETER G. RIDDELL


2 Qurʾanic Translations in Malay, Javanese and Sundanese: A Commentary or Substitution? ERVAN NURTAWAB



3 Qurʾanic Interpretation in Thailand MUSTAFA ABDULLAH


4 The Pursuit of New Interpretive Approaches to the Qurʾān in Contemporary Indonesia IZZA ROHMAN


5 The Emergence of Qurʾanic Exegesis in Malaysia HAZIYAH HUSSIN



6 Religious Freedom in Malaysia: The reading of Qurʾān 2:256 MOHD FAIZAL MUSA


7 What’s Modern about Modern Tafsīr? A Closer Look at Hamka’s Tafsir al-Azhar MUN’IM SIRRY


8 Dhū l-Qarnayn in Modern Malay Commentaries and other Literature on Qurʾanic Themes MAJID DANESHGAR


9 Intersections of the Qurʾān and Science in Contemporary Malaysia CHRISTOPHER A. FURLOW