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These Ramadan Lights

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Ameera Aslam


These Ramadan Lights is a collection of 60 poems written on each day of Ramadan over two years. 


"It's a balm to read the reflections of a woman on a Sufi path, living in our times, who acknowledges the complexities of trying to stay heart-centred amid this iteration of the Dunya we inhabit, cold as money, spinning at breakneck speed, flashing constantly with entertainments and horrors, apparently so averse to love. For Ameera, tasawwuf offers a filter through which to identify the messages in all of this, transmitting compassion and meaning.


"These Ramadan Lights isn't a book of poetry; it's an antechamber. It's a place of self-interrogation, of pleas and inside jokes and intimate conversation, with the One who is closer to us than our jugular veins. Read it for healing, read it for good companionship, and be welcomed into this portico of a seeker's heart." - Medina Tenour Whiteman Author of Love is a Traveler and We Are its Path