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Things That Shatter

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Kaighla Um Dayo




This is a story about what happens when Muslim women are broken by Muslim men and find the courage to heal themselves through the real Islam. Things That Shatter aims to shed light on abuse and healing within the Muslim community and to help vulnerable women protect themselves from abusive men.


More than anything, this story is a Muslim convert's re-declaration of faith that there is no God but God, and it serves as a reminder that women have intrinsic worth in God's eyes, beyond and outside of their relationships to the men in their lives.


“I expected to be shocked. As I devoured Kaighla’s memoir page by page, I kept waiting for the moment where I would gasp and clutch my chest in surprise at the Sheikh’s actions. That moment never came. Why? Because I’ve heard it all before. We all have.” - Review by KT Lynn