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Free local (SG) deliveries for purchases over $100

Three Early Sufi Texts

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1. A Treatise on the Heart

Bayan al-Farq barn al-Sadr wa-al-Qalb wa-al-Fu'ad wa-al-Lubb

Attributed to Al-Hakim Al-Tirmidhi (D. 300/912)

Introduced and Translated by Nicholas Heer



2. Stations of the Righteous Darajat al-sadiqin

3. The Humble Submission of those Aspiring Kitab bayan tadhallul al-fuqara'

Two Texts on the Path of Blame

By Abu 'Abd Al-Rahman Al-Sulami Al-Naysaburi (D. 412/1021)

Introduced and Translated by Kenneth L. Honerkamp