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Tranquil Hearts: A Guide to Marriage

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Enon Mansor, Fatimah Eunos, Osman Sidek

Paperback, 270 pages



Marriage is often perceived as the pinnacle of our love for that special person. However, is the equation merely ‘love + marriage = family and children’? Is there something more?


“Tranquil Hearts - A Guide to Marriage” invites you to consider marriage beyond the setting up of the family unit. The book proposes that marriage is inseparable from the basic message of Islam that enjoins peace. Here, marriage is presented as a vehicle which can bring us towards peace with ourselves, our partner, society and ultimately, with our Creator.

This book combines philosophical, legalistic, and sociological viewpoints to present marriage from concept to practice. It is intended for those who seek to understand the meaning of marriage in the overall message of Islam.


“Tranquil Hearts - A Guide to Marriage” was written by three Muslim activists: Enon Mansor and Fatimah Eunos both have social work backgrounds, while Osman Sidek has years of experience in sharing Islam to non- and new-Muslims. All sale proceeds for this book goes entirely to The Muslim Converts' Association of Singapore even though the copyright remains with the three writers.



Section I: Islam - The Way To Tranquil Hearts

1: The Basic Message of the Prophets


Section II: Marriage And Faith

2: Marriage in Islam


Section III: Marriage in Practice

3: The Muslim Wedding

4: Rights and Obligations of Husband and Wife

5: Responsibility Over Family Resources

6: Divorce and Its Consequences


Section IV: Family Relationship and Character Development

7: Sexual Relationship in Islam

8: Adjustment and Decision-making

9: Relationship between Husband and Wife

10: Parenthood and Family Planning


A: Preparing For The Wedding: A Checklist

B: Guidelines On General Conditions to be Fulfilled Before Registration of Marriage

C: Index of the Qur’anic Chapters