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Twilight of a World

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Mostafa al-Badawi




The Signs of the Times and the Approaches of the Hour According to Islam




1. The Prophet’s Knowledge


2. Five Things That God Only Knows?


3. The Inevitability of Deterioration and the Gradual Weakening of Religion


4. Causes of Deterioration


5. Disturbance of the Balance of Blessings


6. Disturbance of the Order of Priorities


7. Manifestations and Consequences of Corruption


8. From Order to Disorder


9. The Peril of the Renegades


10. Important Events Preceding the Major Signs


11. The First of the Major Signs: Dajjal


12. The Second Coming of Jesus


13. Gog and Magog 


14. The Beast 


15. The Wind, the Reappearance of Idol Worshipping, and the Appearance of the Fire


16. Summary of the Major Signs


17. The Muslims’ Position