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Understanding Religion: Theories and Methods for Studying Religiously Diverse Societies

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Paul Hedges

Paperback, 584 pages



A cutting-edge introduction to contemporary religious studies theory, connecting theory to data.


This innovative coursebook introduces students to interdisciplinary theoretical tools for understanding contemporary religiously diverse societies-both Western and non-Western. Using a case-study model, the text considers:

• a wide and diverse array of contemporary issues, questions, and critical approaches to the study of religion relevant to students and scholars

• a variety of theoretical approaches, including decolonial, feminist, hermeneutical, poststructuralist, and phenomenological analyses

• current debates on whether the term "religion" is meaningful

• many key issues about the study of religion, including the insider-outsider debate, material religion, and lived religion

• plural and religiously diverse societies, including the theological ideas of traditions and the political and social questions that arise for those living alongside adherents of other religions


Understanding Religion is designed to provide a strong foundation for instructors to explore the ideas presented in each chapter in multiple ways, engage students in meaningful activities in the classroom, and integrate additional material into their lectures.