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Unleash God Given Power Within You

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Ismail A. Kalla





‘He who knows himself, knows Almighty Allah. Whoever loves to meet Allah, Allah loves to meet him.’ - The Noble Messenger ﷺ


This book is based on a series of lectures delivered by the writer at the Discover Yourself seminars held in South Africa. The intention is to create awareness that the power of Almighty Allah is in all of us. We will, Insha-Allah learn to experience and unleash a spiritual awakening that exists deep within us, taught to us by the noble Messenger Muhammad ﷺ, who is the most powerful and outstanding role model ever to appear in the world.


The Noble Qur’an, coming from a spiritual dimension, was revealed into the material world through the Angel Jibra’eel to the noble Messenger Muhammad ﷺ. The words of Allah come form a limitless space and timeless existence and has the power to guide, direct, change our lives and unleash His power within us. In Surah Sād, Allah says: ‘When I fashioned him (in due proportion) and breathed into him of My Spirit’ (38:72).


The majestic breath of Allah’s power is within us. We may not know its nature, but we do know its effects; it distinguishes humankind from the rest of creation on earth. The quality of aspiring to return to Allah spiritually fulfilled is unique to human beings and to no other creation.




Part One: Transformation - Take Control of Yourself

1. The Power of Change

2. The Power of the Mind

3. The Power of the Subconscious Mind

4. The Mind is the Most Powerful Goal-Striving Mechanism

5. The Power of the Word

6. The Power of Positive Thought

7. Control Your Thoughts

8. Discipline Your Thoughts


Part Two: Unleash the Potential Within

9. The Power of Surah al-Fatihah

10. The Power of Salat

11. The Power of Silence

12. The Silent Whisperer

13. The Power of Sleep

14. The Power of the Inner Voice

15. The Power of Dhikr

16. Invite Almighty Allah into The Gym

17. The Power of Awrah


Part Three: Believe Your Fears Away

18. The Power of Expectation

19. Do Not Regret the Past or Fear the Future

20. Have No Fear and You Shall Not Grieve

21. The Negative Power of Fear

22. Why Worry - Almighty Allah Loves You


Part Four: Empower Yourself

23. The Power of the Heart

24. The Power of Vision

25. The Power of Destiny

26. Empower the Women

27. Live With an Attitude of Gratitude

28. Sujood al-Shukr

29. Prayer of Gratitude to Allah