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Watering the Roots: A 1-2-3 Parent Wellbeing Guide, A Muslim Perspective

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Aminah Chao Mah

Paperback, 302 pages



More and more young people are suffering from depression, anxiety and other forms of mental health disorders that severely impact the family unit. This book is written out of a deep concern for the wellbeing of young people, in particular, Muslim children living in the West. There is no one definitive way to address this issue. Nevertheless, children learn by example. The author, Dr Aminah Mah, offers a concise 1-2-3 step guide to improve parents' wellbeing first and foremost and, in turn, better nurture the next generation. This guide draws on Aminah's personal experiences as a parent and teacher. It is informed by her Master's and PhD research in parenting Muslim children and wellbeing support services in Australian Islamic schools, respectively. Within this guide, Aminah offers some easy-to-follow steps for caregivers, Muslims and non-Muslims alike, who are seeking to adopt a simplified framework to improve their own wellbeing that will also positively impact their parenting. The author hopes that this book will help parents raise a new generation of young people who will be better equipped to find meaning and contentment in today's confusing times.




1. Parenting - A Mindset

2. Parenting For Ultimate Wellbeing

3. Wellbeing Guide First Component: One-Way Journey Home

4. Wellbeing Guide Second Component: Two-Fold, Double Selection

5. Wellbeing Guide Third Component

6. Inward Connection

7. Vertical Connection

8. Outward/External Connection

9. Applying the 1-2-3 Wellbeing Guide

10. Go the Extra Mile