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We Shall Remember: The Story of Singapore at War

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Sim Ee Waun

Lim An-ling (Illustration)

Paperback, 124 pages



It was pitch black except for the distant glow of petrol fires burning at Kranji. Then in the distance, dark spots were seen on the water. The Japanese were coming!


We Shall Remember traces the fascinating story of World War Two in Singapore. Revisit well-known events like Operation Jaywick and the Battle of Bukit Chandu, and discover forgotten yet no less powerful stories like the Tragedy of Sleepy Valley, Operation Rimau and the Gustavus missions. 


British and Australian forces were not the only ones fighting this war. Meet the courageous quilters, teenage resistance fighters, fearless commando-spies and soldiers who chose death over dishonour, and listen to their incredible stories of courage and sacrifice.