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When Only God Can See

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Walaa Quisay, Asim Qureshi
Paperback, 236 pages


The Faith of Muslim Political Prisoners


When Only God Can See delves into the extraordinary experiences of Muslim political prisoners held in Egypt and under US custody at Guantanamo Bay. This groundbreaking book explores the intricate interplay between their religious beliefs, practices of ritual purity, prayer, and modes of resistance in the face of adversity. Highlighting the experiences of these prisoners, faith is revealed to be not only a personal spiritual connection to God, but also a means of contestation against prison and state authorities, reflecting larger societal struggles.


Written by Walaa Quisay, who has worked closely with prisoners in Egypt, and Asim Qureshi, with years of experience supporting detainees at Guantanamo Bay, the authors' deep connections with prisoner communities and their emphasis on the power of resistance shine through.


By capturing the ways faith is practiced and modified behind bars, juxtaposing experiences from different regions, and presenting narratives of resistance, When Only God Can See offers a compelling and original exploration of the intersection between faith, incarceration and resistance.


1. Custody
2. The Prayers of Prisoners
3. The Ummah of Prisoners
4. Belief, Crisis and the Qur'an
5. Ethereal Beliefs
6. Torture
7. Faith and Resistance
Conclusion: Religion and the Deification of the National Security State