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When The Stars Prostrated: Meditations on Surat Yusuf

by Tertib
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Mohammad Elshinawy, Rania Abuisnaineh

Paperback, 188 pages



They say the Qur’an is like a bottomless ocean of knowledge. Wisdom, lessons, letters from the Divine. Still, he who dives into its depth collects just a handful of pearls—so what of those who idle at its shore?


When the Stars Prostrated is a meditative, verse-by-verse journey into the heart of Surat Yusuf. Revealed to Prophet Muḥammadﷺ in his period of loss and mourning, and lauded by God as “the best of stories,” Surat Yusuf bears relevance to modern readers of all ages. It is an intimate guide for enduring hardship with patience, hope, and, most importantly, trust in the grand workings of the Divine. But deriving these lessons isn’t an effortless pursuit. Tadabbur, the art of contemplating the meaning of a verse to its end, requires our companionship and sincere engagement with the Qur’an. In this collection of short essays, two writers lay bare the pearls they carry from their own tadabbur journey. Every passage is a blend of classical exegesis and personal insight to show readers that healing, growth, and spiritual ascension through Surat Yusuf can be anyone’s reality.