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Where Epics Fail: Meditations to Live By

Yahia Lababidi




"A collection of Yahia Lababidi's aphorisms is... like an atlas of tiny maps, each one guiding us calmly through a network of possibilities to a bright and often unexpected vista." - Dr Matthew Staunton


"Aphorisms are an ancient form, but its current-day master is Yahia Lababidi." - Richard Blanco


It is not words, song, or art that are tremendous, but the human soul, and what is set in motion when it is stirred to the depths. Where Epics Fail is a collection of over 800 aphorisms from acclaimed writer, essayist and poet Yahia Lababidi. Offering wit and wisdom, inspiration and spirituality, these meditations appeal to our shared humanity and attempt, with art, to guide us through the landscape of everyday life.