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Free local (SG) deliveries for purchases over $100


by Epigram
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Mohamed Latiff Mohamed, Alfian Sa'at (tr.)




"And then he was imprisoned… He read the Quran and prayed, he learnt the meaning of loneliness and yearning, of power and the powerful, of the ones who ruled and the ones who were ruled, he learnt about illusion and dreams, about patience and longing, about the meaning of everything. And he still did not understand."


Former political detainee and professor Pak Karman loses his wife in a car accident. The intensity of his mourning starts to unhinge him. As reality, memory and fantasy become more and more blurred, he must come to terms with his past actions before his grief overwhelms him completely. 


This novel has been hailed as a landmark in modernist Malay fiction. It is an unsettling tale of psychic disintegration and obsessive love.