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Wings of Faith: Patience and Gratitude

by Tertib
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Omar Suleiman
Paperback, 90 pages


This work deals with the closely-related topics of patience and gratitude. As discussed by Ibn Qudamah in his Book of Patience, the Arabic word, ṣabr is often rigidly translated as patience, when it has a broader and deeper meaning. It can be interpreted as forbearance, endurance, resilience, clemency, chastity and many other concepts depending on the context. On the other hand, shukr or gratitude talks is about being grateful. 


Since patience and gratitude are described as the wings of faith — the means of salvation, it is pertinent for the relationship of these two concepts to be established with an aim of completing our faith. It also addresses the common misconceptions such as the belief that we are only to be patient with hardships and only to be grateful with blessings. This is not always the case. Both patience and gratitude are essential in the face of adversity and grace.


"This collection of pages is an extension and reflection of the Book of Patience by Imam ibn Qudamah r.a.h., the author of Mukhtasar Minhaj al-Qasidin which is the summary of Ihya' Ulumuddin of Imam al-Ghazali r.a.h. It falls under the 4th section of the book, al-Munjiyat, which are the means of salvation. The final chapter is about gratitude, from Shaykh Muhammad al-Shareef. Sabr and shukr which are patience and gratitude are two means of salvation, the means by which we attain the pleasure of Allah s.w.t." - From the Introduction