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Young Muslim's Guide to Modern Science

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Nidhal Guesssoum




This book presents a wide range of topics, from the Big Bang to genetic engineering, in simple, clear, and scientifically accurate language, but also showing the Muslim or religious reader how this all fits with his/her beliefs and cultural background. Dr Nidhal Guesssoum shows how it is possible to uphold both one’s religious teachings and the scientific education that we acquire in schools, in total harmony and without sacrificing one or the other.




1. Science in Today's Muslim Culture

- Science and Islam Mixed Up

- Science Literacy and Why It Is Important


2. A Brief History of Science

- The Nature of Science

- Ancient Science

- Medieval Science

- Modern Science


3. What is Modern Science?

- Definition of Modern Science

- The Scientific Method

- Hypothesis, Facts, Laws, Models and Theories

- Important Concepts


4. All the Basic Science You Need to Know

- Physics

- Anatomy and Cosmology

- Cells

- Evolution

- Human Evolution


5. What Does Islam Say About Science Topics?

- Erroneous Approaches

- Is Modern Cosmology Acceptable?

- Is Modern Biology (Evolution) Acceptable?

- Does Science Lead Away From God?


6. Islam and Science in Our Future World

- Momentous Developments

- The Search For Other Earths

- Climate Change

- Islamic Perspectives for Humanity

- Energy Issues

- Biotechnologies and Islam

- Genetically Modified Organisms

- Genetic Engineering and Synthetic Life


7. Conclusion: What to Take from All This

- What Science Brings to Humans

- The Baloney Detection Kit

- Why Should Science Care About Religion?