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Your Lord Has Not Forsaken You

by Kube
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Najwa Awad, Sarah Sultan
Paperback, 476 pages


Addressing the Impact of Trauma on Faith


Trauma is more common than you think. Well over half of your friends, colleagues, and closest family members have experienced harrowing events in their lives. Maybe you have too. Trauma can dwell in the body for years or even decades, unrecognised but draining your energy, happiness, and even your faith. But through all the numbness or pain you may feel, and all the hardships you experience, Allah is still there for you. This book is a guide to understanding trauma and its far-reaching effects on the body, mind, and soul. With that understanding in place, we can recognise how it leads to cognitive biases and doubts around faith — and then begin to grow beyond these roadblocks and find contentment.


10 Most Common Cognitive Distortions
1: Why Do Bad Things Always Happen to Me?
2: I Should've Gotten Over it by Now
3: Why Bother Living if the Future is Filled with Pain?
4: How Can I Trust Again?
5: Why Does Allah Hate Me?
6: Everything Is Falling Apart
7: It's All My Fault
8: How Can I Ever Get Past This?
9: Why Is Everyone's Life Better Than Mine?
10: What Did I Do to Deserve this?
Coping Skills Toolbox
What Now? Getting Help Beyond this Book