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Ziyarat Al-Mustafa

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Rashad Jameer, translation and notes



Two books in one volume


Visiting the Prophet ﷺ : Its Virtues, Etiquettes & Stories from the Salaf

Shaykh ‘Abdullah Sirajuddin al-Husayni


The Virtues of Medina & Masjid Al-Nabawi

Shaykh Yusuf al-Nabahani


The first part of this volume, Visiting the Prophetﷺ, was excerpted from Manasik al-Hajj (The Rites of Hajj) by the gnostic and lover of the Prophet s.a.w., Shaykh Abdullah Sirajuddin. The second part of this volume, The Virtues of Medina Munawarra & Masjid al-Nabawi s.a.w., comprises 40 Hadith compiled by one of the last judges of the Ottoman Empire and the erudite scholar, Shaykh Yusuf al-Nabahani (may Allah be well-pleased with both of our authors!). It is an excerpt from his book 40 Forty-Hadith Collections, which covers a broad-range of important topics, this being the translation of the 24th collection. And last but not least, a Commentary on the Blessed Names of Medina Munawara has been presented as an appendix, because as the Arab adage has it: ‘the multitude of names for a thing indicates its importance’, and nothing is more dear to the heart of a Muslim than Medina.


The intention behind placing Shaykh Abdullah Sirajuddin’s book Visiting the Prophet (Ziyarat al-Mustafa s.a.w.) before The Virtues of Medina Munawarra was to focus the heart of the reader onto the greatest priority, and ultimate objective of his trip to Medina Munawwara: the Prophetﷺ himself.


Book 1: Visiting the Prophet ﷺ



The Legal Ruling of Visiting the Prophetﷺ

The Prophet’s Encouragement to Visit Him ﷺ. and Some of its Virtues

Prophet ‘Isa a.s. Visiting our Master Muhammad ﷺ

Reflecting on Some of the Tremendous Virtues of the Prophet ﷺ


1: Tawassul by the Prophet ﷺ Himself, Remnants From His Blessed Body & Noble Relics

2: The Wudu-Water of the Prophet ﷺ

3: The Blessed Hair of the Prophet ﷺ

4: The Water of the Prophet ﷺ

5: The Blessed Saliva of the Prophet ﷺ

6: The Touch of the Prophet ﷺ

7: The Hands of the Prophet ﷺ

8: The Definition of Tawassul

9: Istighatha: Seeking Succour by the Prophet ﷺ

10: Life of the Prophets in the Grave

11: Incidents at the Prophet’s Grave s.a.w.

11b: The Etiquettes of Visiting the Grave of the Prophet ﷺ and Its Requirements

12: Visitation (Ziyara)

13: Conclusion




Book 2: The Virtues of Medina & Masjid Al-Nabawi



1: Medina Munawara

2: Patience on Living in Medina

3: Visiting the Prophet s.a.w. After His Passing

4: Salat in Masjid Al-Nabawi ﷺ 

5: Salat in Masjid Quba

6: Blessed Places in Medina Munawarra

7:  The Blessed People of Medina