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Free local (SG) deliveries for purchases over $100
Layl Ash-Shayr 3

Layl Ash-Shayr 3

About the Programme

Layl Ash-Shayr, which loosely translates to "Poetry Night", is an open-mic and spoken word event for Muslim writers in Singapore to share their work and engage with fellow creatives.

For every session, we will try to invite 1-2 featured guests to share their work and, in doing so, hopefully inspire budding writers. We will also open up the stage for 5 open-mic slots for emerging voices in the SG Muslim literary scene to perform, gain experience and network with other fellow writers. Ultimately, we hope to build a network of Muslim writers who can support one another in their literary journeys.


Date: 14th September 2023, Thursday
Time: 7.45pm to 9.30pm
Venue: Wardah Books, Reading Loft (Level 2)

Free event, but registration is compulsory.

Register here: Click to register

About the Open-Mic

We are welcoming Muslim poets of any experience level, whether you’ve attended classes, published poems or have never let your poetry leave your notebook/smart phone, we want you! Here are some guidelines for you to follow:

  • You will have 5 mins to perform any number of pieces.
  • There is no set theme. Pick any topic for your piece!
  • That said, please ensure religious sensitivity and tactfulness when addressing sensitive topics, and generally avoid using crude language in your poems. We may request poems to be swapped or partially edited to ensure they are suitable for our audience.
  • Your poems can take any shape and form - be experimental about it! Just let us know in advance should you need tech/equipment support.
  • Non-English poems or poems with snippets of other languages can be performed, but we do request you provide an English translation (whether read aloud or shared on screen/through a link!).
  • Your poems can be previously published, living rent free in your head or written mere minutes prior!

About the Speakers

Former journalist Yohanna Abdullah, 56, is a versatile writer of more than 30 years. The programme executive at Club HEAL is the author of five books on mental health and the novel Islands of Mania. She uses her lived experience with bipolar disorder as rich fodder for her works which include an acclaimed play ‘Naked’ by TeaterKami and an international award-winning telemovie, ‘Bonda’. Click here to purchase her book, Islands of Mania.

Noor Iskandar is a multi-disciplinary artist, sojourner and lecturer based in Singapore. His research practice delves into faith and art, revolving around faculties of forgetting and remembering. In 2018, he self-published his foremost poetry collection entitled For(God), followed by I Love Too Quietly in 2020. He is intrigued by the sacrality of feelings, the power as well as failings of words and remembrances. He too, is obsessed with Iran, the after scent of rain, old books and Double McSpicy.

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