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More Barakah

More Barakah

Salaam Dear Reader,

Our new bookmarks just arrived this week. As usual we have a huruf-based bookmark (we're at ط now) and what we like to call a 'reading activism' bookmark. The text for the reading activism bookmark reads: Elaboration is the key to learning. Read with a pen in your hand.

This stems from what research in education informs us. Elaboration, or explaining concepts and ideas that are new to us in our own words, is the most efficient way to learn. And since we normally do not have an audience to listen to us drone on about something we've just learnt, elaboration in the form of writing is the nearest convenient and readily available substitute.

In other words, write not to remember something later, write to learn it now.

Writing also helps us learn about ourselves. And this is why many people journal as a daily practice. The more we learn about ourselves, the more we understand our strengths, weaknesses, relationships, goals, attitudes, biases, preoccupations, the more we can reflect and grow. This sets up a feedback loop or a virtuous cycle that orients us for growth. This is something we need to prioritise because we all need to work on some aspect of our selves. This is the true value of journals. We write in journals not to remember an event later, we write to learn something about ourselves now.

The response for the new Barakah Journal by the Productive Muslim Company has been great since we received stock a few weeks ago. This week the companion to the Barakah Journal arrived. This is the Barakah Culture Cards. I have been using the Barakah Journal for two weeks, and I find it very useful — in surprising ways.

So I reached out to the founder of the Productive Muslim Company in Texas and asked if he would like to do an author session with us. Mohammed Faris has generously agreed to speak with us about the Baraka Mindset and about his new journal and cards.

Click here to submit questions ahead of the session.

Click here for the Zoom Link.

May we be among people who seek to improve ourselves and align ourselves with what Allah and His Prophet ﷺ love.

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