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Free local (SG) deliveries for purchases over $100
Wardah Books of the Year 2020 (Children)

Wardah Books of the Year 2020 (Children)

This was a good year for Children's Books, and as promised, here are our bookseller picks for this category.

There are currently three books in the Planet Omar series, all written by Zanib Mian. The books follow the adventures of Omar and his friends as they save a mosque, negotiate the in's and out's at a new school, and investigate a possible alien abduction. The books are really funny (in a laugh-out-loud way) and along with the illustrations by Nasaya Mafaridik, this series will be enjoyed by children who are fans of the Diary of a Wimpy Kid books.

The Omar series is meant for boys to read on their own and since we recognise that boys need to read more than they do currently, this book should be on the shelves of your little Omar. We really like this series. And we're not alone, because it is listed as one of the New York Public Library's Top 10 Books for Kids in 2020.

Purchase the Omar Series: Click here

The Tales of Mini Maryam by Kosser Abdul Aziz is a delight. The book is told from the perspective of this ball of energy called Maryam, with her mother and family not far behind to provide support and gently guide her along life as a little growing Muslim girl. The warmth of the family and the joy they feel having Maryam in their lives really jumps off the page. An absolutely delightful book to read to children.

Kosser was kind enough to spend some time with us in December 2020 to talk about reading to children. You can view the Zoom recording here.

Purchase Tales of Mini Maryam: Click here

Like the Moon Loves the Sky by award-winning writer Hena Khan is another book that is a pleasure to read aloud. The matt illustrations in an even colour palette, along with the simple two-line prose on every spread, and the implicit du'a for your child at every turn, make for a reassuring bed-time read for young children.

Purchase Like the Moon Loves the Sky: Click here

Where are Nenek’s Spectacles? Mana Cermin Mata Nenek? by Singapore writer Zuzanita Zakaria is a touching yet imaginative portrayal of the relationship between a child and her grandmother who is struggling with dementia. The work underscores the fact that while people with dementia may appear compromised mentally, they still feel emotions acutely. Little Azra shows the way by being sensitive to the emotions of her grandmother and by being present and connected to a valued member of the family.

This work is supported by the Lee Kuan Yew Fund for Bilingualism and is written in both Malay and English; making it a great opportunity for inter-generational story time!

Purchase Where are Nenek's Spectacles: Click here

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