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A Hope Worth Having

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Lydiawati MZ

Paperback, 264 pages



When Lydiawati Mz caught her son, Muaz, standing enthralled in front of a restaurant kitchen by the sights of clinking woks and clanking pans, she endeavoured to discover more about her son’s interest in food. Casual cooking sessions at home later on transpired into an eye-opening revelation about her son’s culinary adventures. Being on the autism spectrum, Muaz’s ability to attempt one recipe after another led Lydiawati to discover so much more about her son’s hidden potential.


Just when she thought everything was going smoothly, teenage-hood came and proved to be one of the most arduous phases of their lives. From Muaz’s mood swings to breaking into a deeper voice, Lydiawati shares reflective, poignant experiences and moments of anguish as she navigates her son’s newfound behaviour. Both mother and son face new obstacles that bring them to places never thought possible, brought alive by Lydiawati’s pensive reflections filled with humour, honesty and raw emotions of a mother who does not give up.