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Advice for the LGBTQ

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Muhammad Mazdiuky bin Mohammad Ishak

(translation and commentary)

Paperback, 220 pages



From the Oneﷺ Who is Full of Concern for You


A Collection of Authentic Hadith


This work seeks to clarify the Muslim religious position with regards the LGBTQ by referring to the Qur’an and the Hadith.



• Foreword by Prof Amin Abdul Aziz

• Human Nature, Love and Beauty, and Sex and Sexuality – Dr Muhammad Mubarak bin Habib Mohamed

• Introduction

• Takhrij and Fiqh of Sahih Hadith on LGBTQ

• Allah Loves Those Who Repent - As-Sayyid Umar bin Hafidz

• Always be among the Solihin and the Prophetic Inheritors

• The Adab of Companionship with Allah the Creator, and Creation - As-Sayyid Muhammad Nawawi al-Bantani