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Free local (SG) deliveries for purchases over $100
The Islamic Civilisation Book Club 2023

The Islamic Civilisation Book Club 2023

About the Book Club

Wardah Books is hosting a regular book club called The Islamic Civilisation Book Club. The book club aims to promote systematic, serious reading about Islamic Civilisation; and to introduce the scope and depth of Islamic Civilisation.

The book club is chaired by Dr Md Mubarak Habib Md. For some subjects and texts, there will be guest chairs. For participants in the book club, the pace of reading is one book in about 5 weeks. The book club is open to everyone. The book club is not a class, it’s a purposeful conversation amongst readers who are all reading the same book. All books for the book club are available at Wardah Books.

Unless otherwise stated
  • All sessions are held in-person at Wardah Books
  • On scheduled Sundays at 10:30am (Singapore)
  • No registration required


Pre-reading Session

The chair introduces the text, places the text within its field of study, introduces and explains key terms to look out for in the text, introduces the author, and provides guidance on reading the text. Participants will then proceed to read the book over the next 5 weeks or until the Post-reading Session.

Reading (five weeks)

Some pointers for active reading for book club:

  1. Take notes.
  2. Write questions or discussion points to raise later in the Post-reading Session.
  3.  Plan your time and read consistently. Complete the text before the start of the Post-reading Session.

Post-reading Session

The chair summarises the main ideas of the text and leads a discussion among participants.


For the year 2023, the theme of the book club is a continuation of last year's theme, which is Islamic Civilisation and the Modern World. The difference is, this year, we are taking an approach framed by Maqasid al-Shariah.

Specifically we will be looking at the five preservations that are essential for human existence, namely:

  • Preservation of Faith
  • Preservation of Life
  • Preservation of Lineage
  • Preservation of Intellect
  • Preservation of Property

Subjects and Texts for 2023

1. Primer on Maqasid [COMPLETED]

Maqasid al-Shariah: A Beginner’s Guide by Jasser Auda

  • Pre-Reading Session: 26 Feb 2023, Sunday, 9:30am
    (Prof Jasser Auda will be joining us via Zoom, inshaAllah)
  • Post-reading Session: 19 March 2023, Sunday, 9:30am

Discussion themes
These themes will be discussed at the post-reading session

  1. The dimensions of Why
  2. Link between Quran and Maqasid
  3. Evolution of Ideas

Purchase Book: Click here

2. Preservation of Life (Self) [COMPLETED]

Psychology of Personality: Islamic Perspectives by Amber Haque, Yasien Mohamed

  • Pre-Reading Session: 22 May 2023, Monday, 8:00 pm
  • Post-reading Session: 24 July 2023, Monday, 8:00 pm

Discussion Themes
These themes will be discussed at the post-reading session

  • Science versus philosophy (and psychology)
  • Mind/Body dualism
  • Fitrah
  • Practical Psychology: What does this all mean for me / society

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Event Details: Click here

3. Preservation of Intellect [COMPLETED]

Al-Ghazali and Academic Excellence by M Hasanul Arifin

  • Pre-Reading Session: 6 Aug 2023, Sunday, 10:30am
  • Post-reading Session: 17 Sep 2023, Sunday, 10:30am

Discussion Themes
These themes will be discussed at the post-reading session

  • adab towards learning
  • education as ta'dib

Purchase Book: Click here

4. Preservation of Property [COMPLETED]

Islamonomics: Islamic Finance, Trade and the Global Muslim Market by Akhtar Ismail Mohammed

  • Pre-Reading Session: 24 September 2023, Sunday, 10:30am
  • Post-reading Session: 5 November 2023, Sunday, 10:30am

Discussion Themes
These themes will be discussed at the post-reading session

  • What are the principles of Islamic Finance and what are its economic motivations, and how does all this affect Islamic civilisation?
  • Why is trade and finance missing in the discourse about Islam?
  • Why is Islamic Finance re-emerging today?

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5. Preservation of Faith [ONGOING]

The Impossible State: Islam, Politics, and Modernity’s Moral Predicament by Wael Hallaq

  • Pre-Reading Session: 26 Nov 2023, Sunday, 10:30 am
  • Post-reading Session: 7 Jan 2024, Sunday 10:30 am

Discussion Themes
These themes will be discussed at the post-reading session

  • How is Islamic governance incongruent with the modern state?
  • What makes the modern state what it is?
  • What is modernity (with reference to statehood)?

Download Prof Walid Jumlatt's pre-reading presentation here


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6. Preservation of Lineage [ONGOING]

Islam and the Problems of the Youth by Imam Muhammad Sa’id Ramadan al-Buti

  • Pre-Reading Session: 28 Jan 2024, Sunday, 10:30 am
  • Post-reading Session: 3 March 2024, Sunday, 10:30 am

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