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Agenda to Change Our Condition

by Sandala
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Hamza Yusuf, Zaid Shakir




This book is a concise treatise on the path to taqwa (conscious awareness of our Lord). Muslims consider devotion to God through taqwa the primary reason for our existence and the means by which we are ensured continued succor from our Creator. This work elucidates a simple yet effective means to transform our inner world through spiritual struggle with the soul.




• Our Current State

• Inner and Outer Transformations

• The Importance of Family


Chapter 1 - Taqwa: Its Definition and Benefits

• Benefits of Taqwa

• Achieving Taqwa


Chapter 2 - The Heart and Its Treatment

• Facilitating Action Based Upon True Knowledge

• Achieving Sincerity

• Enumeration of the Enormities

• Recommendations for Reaching Sincerity


Chapter 3 - Practical Steps to Change Our Condition

• The Five Pillars

• Active Outreach

• Focus

• Cooperation

• Good Character

• Kinship

• Families

• Charity

• Qur’an

• Remembrance of Allah

• Commanding Good and Forbidding Evil

• Empathy

• Supplication

• Physical Health

• Commitment

• Time

• Attitude

• Devotion


Chapter 4 - Exercises for Attaining Taqwa


Chapter 5 - Civic Involvement: An Islamic Imperative

• Historical Basis for Involvement

• Position of Muslims and Contributions


Appendix A - Foundations of the Spiritual Path: Sidi Ahmad Zarruq

Appendix B - The Counsel of Imam al-Nawawi


Section Concerning Arrival to the Knowledge of Allah

Appendix C - The Counsel of Sidi Ahmad Zarruq

Excerpts from from The Poor Man’s Book of Assistance (Kitab al-i’anah)

Excerpts from Sidi Ahmad Zarruq’s The Principles (al-Qawa’id)