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Ahmad ibn Tulun: Governor of Abbasid Egypt

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Matthew S. Gordon

Hardback, 176 pages



Makers of the Muslim World


Ahmad ibn Tulun (835-884) governed Egypt on behalf of the Abbasid dynasty for sixteen years. An aggressive and innovative actor, he pursued an ambitious political agenda, including the introduction of dynastic rule over Egypt, that put him at odds with his imperial masters. Throughout, however, he retained close ties to the Abbasid house and at no point did he assert outright independence.


In this volume, Matthew Gordon considers Ibn Tulun's many achievements in office as well as the crises, including the betrayals of his eldest son and close clients, that marred his singular career.






The Tulunid Household


1. The First Decade in Office 868-877

2. The Last Years in Office 877-884

3. Governing Egypt

4. City and Ceremony

Conclusion: Tulunid Fortunes