A Place of Refuge
A Place of Refuge

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A Place of Refuge

Asmaa Hussein




A Place of Refuge reminds us that forging a connection with our Creator is our only true refuge from the inevitable difficulties of this world.


In a series of powerful and thought-provoking essays, Asmaa Hussein draws on her experience maintaining resilience and strength in the face of overwhelming personal hardships. With moving pieces that address the realities of single parenthood, the challenges of maintaining a healthy private life while living in the public eye, and the effects of old traumas, Hussein makes insightful spiritual connections between her lived experiences and stories from the Quran and sunnah.




• I am here

• Thrive in grief

• Farah and Atta

• My life in orbit

• Can I stay a little longer?

• The eyes with which I see

• Expand for me my chest

• A home near You

• Conversations with God

• Replace envy with awe

• What Allah gives you is always better

• Searching for perfection

• Soul mates

• Some du’as never stop working

• The lifting of sadness

• A place of refuge