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Art of Islam: Language and Meaning

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Titus Burckhardt






Chapter I

Prologue: The Ka'ba


Chapter II

The Birth of Islamic Art

1 The Second "Revelation"

2 The Dome of the Rock

3 The Umayyads

4 Mshatta

5 The Great Umayyad Mosque at Damascus


Chapter III

The Question of Images

1 Aniconism

2 The Persian Miniature


Chapter IV

The Common Language of Islamic Art

1 Arab Art, Islamic Art

2 Arabic Calligraphy

3 The Arabesque

4 The Sphere and the Cube

5 The Alchemy of Light


Chapter V

Art and Liturgy

1 The Nature and Role of Sacred Art

2 The Mihrab

3 The Minbar

4 Tombs

5 The Art of Apparel


Chapter VI

The Art of Sedentaries and Nomadic Art

1 Dynasties and Ethnic Groups

2 The Art of the Carpet

3 Knightly Art


Chapter VII


1 Variety in Unity

2 The Great Mosque of Kairouan

3 The Great Mosque of Cordoba

4 The Mosque of Ibn Tulun at Cairo

5 The College Mosque of Sultan Hasan in Cairo

6 Ottoman Mosques

7 The Shah Mosque at Isfahan

8 The Taj Mahal


Chapter VIII

The City

1 Muslim Town-planning

2 Art and Contemplation