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Children Around the Prophet

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Nizar Abazah

Paperback, 97 pages



"He who does not show kindness to our little ones and does not show respect to our elders is not one of us."
This is what the Prophet ﷺ came with. He was a mercy to mankind. 

The Prophetﷺ had the best interactions with the children around him. He lived alongside them, he would guide them and he would teach them. He would hug them, kiss them, pat their heads and joke with them...

This book studies the lives of children who interacted with the Messengerﷺ, based on the sira and the Hadith. 



1. Lineage and Childhood of the Messengerﷺ

2. Children in the Prophet's ﷺ Household

3. The Prophet's ﷺ Children

4. The Prophet's ﷺ Grandchildren

5. The Prophet's ﷺ Stepchildren

6. The Young Companions

Appendix: General Habib and Sayings of the Prophet ﷺ around Children