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Indian Muslims in Singapore: History, Heritage and Contributions

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Ab Razak Chanbasha
Hardback, 482 pages

Indian Muslims constitute a minority in the Indian as well as the Muslim communities in Singapore. In 2020, about 70.000 or 23% of Indians in Singapore are Muslims and they make up about 13% of the Muslim community. It is not widely known however, that they were a significant majority in the 19th century when Singapore began as a trading post for the East India Company.


The Indian Muslim community in Singapore evolved from sojourners to settlers, from a transient community who came seeking sustenance to one that became rooted in this land and has developed its identity within the social milieu of the Indian community, the wider Muslim society and the larger


This pioneering work documents the history, heritage and contributions of the Indian Muslims in Singapore. It provides an overview of their migration history to Singapore, the growth of the community, the diversity in language and culture, and their legacy.


The approach is non-academic and seeks to provide an interesting read for the general reader interested in the Indian Muslim community in Singapore.


1. Indian Muslims, a Long, Deep Footprint
2. Arrival and Settlement in Singapore
3. Diversity and Composition
4. Religious Life and Institutions
5. Socio-cultural Life
6. Trade and Professions
7. Personalities
8. Moving Forward