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Islamic Charity: How Charitable Giving Became Seen as a Threat to National Security

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Samantha May
Paperback, 208 pages


Since 9/11 and the global War on Terror, practitioners of Islam in Europe and beyond have been scrutinised and surveyed under suspicion of disloyalty and as potential disrupters of national social cohesion. Seemingly benign, altruistic practices, such as charity, are viewed as potential threats to national security and have increasingly become subject to counter-terrorism policies. This work seeks to critically assess the assumptions behind the lesser-known financial War on Terror, through exploration of the effects of current policies on Muslim charitable practices in the UK. The consequences of current policies are multi-faceted – from the stigmatization and suspicion of Muslim charities and communities, individual loss of status and financial standing, to a decrease of living standards and/or loss of lives. 


Engaging with the everyday socio-political activities of Muslim individuals, this book gives voice to the motivations, apprehensions and challenges faced by Muslim charitable practitioners. A must read for anyone wanting to challenge policy assumptions behind increased surveillance of charities and individual donors, whilst outlining the repercussions of current policies on Muslim individuals and charities.


1. The Importance of the 'Everyday': Theories and Methods 
2. The (Il)Logic of Financial Counter-Terrorism Strategies: from the United States to the Global 
3. 'You Cannot Separate Islam from Charitable Work' 
4. 'They Keep Asking for Evidence. We Have None. Absolutely None' 
5. 'No-one Starves in Britain' 
6. 'Actively Awaiting the Return' 
7. 'Diamonds are Made from that Pressure'