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Islamic Manners

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Abd al-Fattah Abu Ghuddah




Adab or manners is an integral part of the development of a sound Islamic personality. It is something that one is brought up with, sees around him and thus acquires it.

The beauty of a civilisation is manifested in the values and manners embodied in the interaction of its members. The more dignified the manners, the more stable and vibrant the social fabric of a society. But sadly, we live in times where adab is lacking at all levels of society.


Shaykh Abd al-Fattah Abū Ghuddah, one of the most renowned Islamic scholars of our era, chose to write on this topic because he observed many people disregarding these essential adab or misinterpreting them.


This book was dear to his heart because he felt that Muslims possess a great wealth in manners and styles manifest in the life of our Prophet & and the lives of his Companions, as well as the lives of the great Muslim scholars with whose biographies he lived most of his life.



The Scope of Islamic Manners

The Importance of Appearance

Entering and Leaving a House

Manners of Visiting

Manners of Conversation

Social Manners

Communicating with Non-Muslims

Manners of Eating

Wedding Manners

Visiting the Sick

Manners of Traveling