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Lessons in Islamic History

by Turath
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Shaykh Muhammad Al-Khudari Bak Al-Bajuri






Prophet s.a.w.

Caliphate of Abu Bakr r.a.

Caliphate of Umar r.a.

Caliphate of Uthman r.a.

Caliphate of Ali r.a.

Caliphate of Hasan ibn Ali r.a.

Umayyad Dynasty - The Sufyanids and the Marwanids

Umayyad Rulers of Andalusia

Petty Kings

Mulaththamun Dynasty (Murabitun)

Almohad Dynasty (Muwahhidun)

Banu al-Ahmar Dynasty

Abbasid Dynasty

Buyid Dynasty

Saljuq Dynasty

Subuktukin Dynasty

Tulunid Dynasty

Fatimid Dynasty

Ayyubid Dynasty

Mamluk Dynasty

Circassian Dynasty

Egypt Under the Ottoman Dynasty