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Free local (SG) deliveries for purchases over $100

Majdi Mansoor and the Book of Miracles

by Kube
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Anisa Bezak


The year is 2212. Sixteen uneventful years have passed since the catastrophic event known simply as - the Resource Wars - and an uneasy peace still exists between the three distinct zones that divide the Earth's surface. The War's effects have reached far and wide, but especially within Jacob's zone. Over the years, the citizens of his world have exchanged their freedoms for the assurance of safety and sustenance, and now the governing Corporation rules them with an iron grip. Conforming to Corporate rule is not an easy task for a boy like Jacob. Intelligence and curiosity are undesirable traits in his world and the twelve-year-old possesses both in abundance. But the young boy is in possession of something considerably more dangerous. Jacob has discovered a forbidden book: The Quran. Then, the impossible happens; Jacob meets Majdi Mansoor, a Muslim boy. This fateful meeting holds consequences that Jacob could never imagine as he enters into the secret world of the Mansoor family. Disaster strikes and Jacob learns the 'other' reason for the Mansoor's concealment. Majdi's father is a brilliant scientist on the brink of completing an invention of global importance; an invention that the Corporation would kill to possess. Incredibly, Jacob finds himself immersed in a dangerous, spectacular adventure, pitted against the might of the Corporation and its ruthless Executive. But a far more ancient, evil enemy stalks Jacob as his steps towards belief invoke the dark forces of the Unseen World, and the real battle begins.