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Mysteries of Charity and Fasting for Children





Textbook, workbook and teacher's manual in a single volume




Introduction to Imam Al-Ghazal's The Mysteries of Charity and Fasting for Children by Shaykh Hamza Yusuf


1: Why Are Some People Rich and Others Poor?


2: At the Family Farm


3: Five Necessary Parts of Charity


4: The First Inward Manner of Giving Charity


5: Something You Should Be Sure Not to do and Other Inward Duties


6: The Story of the King and His Servants and The Fifth Inner Duty


7: Going More Deeply into Greed, Pride, Conceit, Generosity, and Humility and the Sixth Inner Duty


8: The Example of Grandfather and His Pure Orange Blossom Honey and the Seventh Inner Duty


9: Knowing Who Most Deserves to Receive and the Final Inner Requirement


10: Hiking Through the Forest


11: Reaching the Summit


Sadaqa - Voluntary Charity - Its Virtues and the Manners for Giving and Receiving It


Workbook and Teacher's Manual