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Mysteries of Prayer for Children





Textbook, workbook and curriculum in a single volume


The children’s version of Mysteries of Prayer (from the Ihya Ulum al-Din) strives to show that the canonic prayer (al-salat), which in addition to being one of the Five Pillars of the religion, is first and foremost an opportunity for communion with the Divinity, for focusing and concentration, and for expressing gratitude to God through words, physical postures, and inward state.




1 The Mysteries of Prayer


2 What is So Special for Us in the Adhan?


3 The Mystery of Praying with Others and Sujud


4 Special Ways to Be During Prayer


5 The Importance of the Extra Sunna Prayers


6 How to Pray - The Outward Parts of Prayer


7 The Bowing and What Comes After


8 Finding the Home of Haj Abdullah


9 The Practices of the Heart


10 The Six Important Ways We Need to be Inwardly


11 "Heaven is Reached by Way of Prayer"


12 Even Before Entering Prayer


13 The Opening Prayer Itself


14 Humility and Presence of Heart in Prayer


15 Prayer is Part of the Next World


16 The Friday Prayer


17 The Big Day Comes at Last


Three of the Recommended Prayers for Certain Times


See also Al-Ghazali: The Mysteries of Prayer