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Mysteries of Purification for Children





Textbook, workbook and curriculum in a single volume




Opening Passage from the Book on the Mysteries of Purity


The Book of Purity Prologue


1 What is Wudu?


2 The Four Levels of Purification: Cleansing and Purifying Oneself


3 The Magical Tree House and the Levels of Faith


4 Back in the Special Meeting Place


5 Some Parts of Outward Purity


6 Washing With Water


7 The Toothbrush


8 How to Begin Wudu: The Mouth


9 The Nose


10 The Brightened Face


11 Shining Hands and Forearms


12 The Top of the Head and the Neck


13 Finally, Your Feet


14 More Helpful Information


15 Breakfast at Grandmother's


16 In What Way Should We Try to Look Beautiful?


17 The Order in Which We do Things



See also Al-Ghazali: The Mysteries of Purification