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Psychology of Personality: Islamic Perspectives

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Amber Haque, Yasien Mohamed (Editors)

Abdallah Rothman (Foreword)

Paperback, 268 pages



This is a collection of select papers on human nature and personality from an Islamic perspective which incorporates religious and transcendental concepts based on the Quran and early Muslim scholars.




Part 1: Cosmic Anthropology and the Innate Disposition of Man

1: Human Natural Disposition (Fitrah) / Yasien Mohamed

2: The Concept of Man as a 'Small World' / Yasien Mohamed

3. Human Nature in Secular Psychology: An Islamic Critique / Malik Badri

4. Human Nature from a Comparative Psychological Perspective / Mustapha Achoui

5: The Place of Human Nature in Ibn Khaldun's Thinking / Mahmoud Dhaoudi


Part 2: The Islamic Concept of Soul, Spirit and Heart

6. Nature of Soul: The Philosophy of Mulla Sadra / Fazlur Rahman

7. The Nature of Man and the Psychology of the Human Soul / Syed Muhammad Naquib al-Attas

8. The Heart and Personality Development / Manzurul Huq

9. Pathology of the Heart in the Quran: A Metaphysics-psychological Explanation / Absar Ahmad

10. Traditional Islamic Psychology / Laleh Bakhtiar


Part 3: Human Motivation and Personality Types in the Quran

11. Human Motivation: An Islamic Perspective / Shafiq Falah Alawneh

12. The Drives of Human Behaviour in the Quran / Yasien Mohamed

13. The Concept of Personality in Islam / Rashid Hamid

14. The Islamic Personality: A Sequential Model / Saiyad Fareed Ahmad