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Shaykh Al-Sulami’s Wasiyyah

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Musa Furber, translation & notes

Paperback, 59 Pages



Practical Spiritual Advice for Muslim Self-Care 

The wasiyyah of Shaykh Abu ‘Abd al-Rahman al-Sulami contains forty-six counsels. Each counsel concerns actions Allah and His Messenger ﷺ have commanded us to perform or avoid. Each of the actions in the counsels impacts one’s physical, moral, and spiritual well-being and development. The book is a lighter, kinder, and gentler companion to his Infamies of the Soul and Their Treatments. Read together, these two provide a practical toolkit and plan for self-care and development.

Selected Contents (5/46): 

1. Be Mindful of Allah

2. Give priority to obeying Allah and avoiding disobedience

3. Do not be distracted from Allah

4. Remember, recite, and ponder the Quran

5. Follow the Sunna