Shaykh Al-Sulami’s Wasiyyah
Shaykh Al-Sulami’s Wasiyyah
Shaykh Al-Sulami’s Wasiyyah


Shaykh Al-Sulami’s Wasiyyah

Musa Furber, translation & notes




Practical Spiritual Advice for Muslim Self-Care



The wasiyyah of Shaykh Abu ‘Abd al-Rahman al-Sulami contains forty-six counsels. Each counsel concerns actions Allah and His Messenger ﷺ have commanded us to perform or avoid. Each of the actions in the counsels impacts one’s physical, moral, and spiritual well-being and development. The book is a lighter, kinder, and gentler companion to his Infamies of the Soul and Their Treatments. Read together, these two provide a practical toolkit and plan for self-care and development.





Author’s Introduction

1. Be Mindful of Allah

2. Give priority to obeying Allah and avoiding disobedience

3. Do not be distracted from Allah

4. Remember, recite, and ponder the Quran

5. Follow the Sunna

6. Imitate the Righteous Forebears

7. Accompany the elite and avoid the wicked

8. Do not visit rulers

9. Be wary of visiting those who cling to this world

10. Have no concern for affairs of this world

11. Demand the best from yourself

12. Leave what does not concern you

13. Be sincere

14. Realise truth in your sincerity

15. Continually seek forgiveness

16. Beware of loving this world

17. Accompany those who abstain from this world

18. Take from this world only what you must

19. Obey and be devoted to your parents

20. Protect familial relations

21. Perfect your character

22. Honour your neighbours

23. Assist all who seek aid

24. Accept excuses

25. Do not reveal a muslim’s shame

26. Counter wickedness with excellence

27. Avoid envy

28. Respect elders; be clement with the young

29. Adhere to modesty

30. Be humble with the poor and kind to them

31. Keep aloof from the wealthy

32. Show compassion towards the pious wealthy

33. Seek advice from those who fear their lord

34. Rely upon Allah when you become resolved

35. Seek favour with your brothers

36. Tell the truth

37. Protect your soul and your hearing

38. Treat people without prejudice

39. Devote oneself to repentance

40. Avoid unwholesome food

41. Be vigilant of Allah at all times

42. Remember Allah continually

43. Minimise laughter

44. Consider death near

45. Give sincere advice

46. Rely on Allah for your guidance

General counsels

Closing counsel