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Subtle Blessings in the Saintly Lives of Abu al- Abbas al-Mursi and his Master Abu al-Hasan al-Shadhili

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Ibn Ata'illah, Nancy Roberts




Lataif al-Minan




1: An introduction to his shaykh from who he received this status, and a testimony from the eminent scholars who were his contemporaries that he was the pole of his time and the standard bearer of his era for those who have been eye witnesses to the divine realities


2: On the shaykh's testimony that he was heir to the station of sainthood and the one who held the position of unquestioned preeminence, his reports concerning himself of the momentous blessings which had been bestowed upon him, and the testimony of the friends of God that through his arrival at the knowledge of God, he had attained the utmost that one could possibly desire


3: On his spiritual states and strivings, his disciples' experiences with him and his unveilings


4: On his knowledge, his renunciation, his abstinence, his detachment from the world, his forbearance, his long-suffering and the rightness of his path


5: On verses from the book of God, exalted be He, whose meaning he clarified and whose import he expounded 


6: On prophetic hadiths which he interpreted and whose inner meanings he brought to light based on Sufi teachings


7: On his explanations of difficult-to-understand statements by knowers of the truth which led him to the most beautiful of paths


8: On what he had to say concerning spiritual realities and stations and his clarification of difficult matters relating thereto


9: On the poetry which he recited, which was recited in his presence, or which was recited about him, and which contains mention of his unique attributes


10: On his dhikr and the supplication with which he concluded his lectures, the hizb which he arranged for those who were recipients of his knowledge and interpretations, and part of the supplication of Shaykh Abu al-Hassan, with which this chapter concludes